8+1 Photo-talking

One single image is enough…

The photos used here are all my own. I share them and build a speaking activity around them to reinforce the idea that you do not need to be professionally skilled in a particular area to be proud of your creativity. ūüôā

The idea is:

1. Project or distribute the photograph.

Ss have to talk non-stop about anything that comes to mind for 2 mins.

2. Open class feedback.

Ss shout out vocabulary and a word cloud is created on the board.

3. Divide the class in small groups.

Give out the questions sheet. Ss match halves to build questions, discuss them in their groups and choose the “best” (funniest, weirdest, nicest, etc.) answer.

4. Plenary

Go over the questions and share the “best” answers with the whole class. (Choose Qs and Ss randomly. They can be asked to speak in 1st or 3rd person.)

5.¬†Now, + 1 … they ask¬†

Each student has to come up with 1 more question to ask. It could be in relation to: the image, someone’s specific answer or on language that has come up.¬†


Here is the post on how and why I started this project ūüôā


Click on the titles to download the pdf.




alone or lonely

alone or lonely











on board


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