Visual impairment and using the pron chart

Here it is 🙂 The humbling experience I had just as I started this lovely journey of further developing as an ELT teacher.
On my first month at Oxford House, I was assigned a C1 group that turned out to be quite special. Thanks to Adrian Underhill’s support, this is a true story of which I am so proud of.

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Here is a very special post which tells a story. It takes place when Laila starts teaching her new class in September, following our July Pronunciation and Storytelling programme at Bell, Cambridge, in July.

I find it touching, which maybe a hallmark of a transformational human event. There is a quality here which you can feel, and is without words, and is a simple and fully human quality which we all recognise, and which we aspire to our teaching. Focus not on what I write, but on the experience of Laila the teacher, and Carme the learner, through the words of Laila and the pictures, and at the end through the words of Carme.

4 Sep 2014, Laila Khairat Gomez wrote: I have a new C1 class of 6 students who are really nice. My biggest challenge is…

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A journey of a thousand words

It just feels right. Why not start today rather than putting it off any longer…

Today is the first day of this new path, this journey of a thousand words.

It’s been six years from my first teaching job and for a while I have had the feeling that I’ve been moving in circles, looking up and away to a highly motivating and much more challenging place.

From here on, I will be moving closer, taking the necessary steps to reach there… where I always knew I wanted to be.

You might be wondering,  what’s all this about???

Well, like I said, I have been teaching for a while, but I would really like a change of focus in my career path. Moving on to a more diverse, new and challenging position for me.

My goal is to be an active member of the ELT international community that I have little ago started to dip into, full of interesting people and professionals whom I have admired for a long time.

I am willing to undo and deconstruct whatever I have learned about teaching that has felt non authentic and not so practical in terms of teaching and connecting with others.

I am therefore planning on dedicating the years to come to a much more conscious practice: learning to teach and teaching to learn.