How great do you need to be?


At the moment I am gleefully reading Sir Ken Robinson’s The Element, a profoundly inspiring read I strongly recommend.

His views on intelligence, imagination and creativity have led me to create a new page on my blog:

8+1 Photo-Talking

(click on link or menu to have a look at my first few 🙂 Please feel free to use them in class )

Here I combine my long-ago interest in the power of images, more recently on photography specifically, with my love for creating teaching materials.

How great do you need to be at something to feel confident enough to share it with others and be motivated to dig deeper into your potential????

I’ve never taken a photography course. I don’t even have a great camera.

Taking this into account, I find that using my own photos as class material is a good way to promote the idea that you do not need to be professionally skilled to make a creative use of something that has a bit of yourself. 🙂

And of course, it’s going to be a great experience to see language emerge from sharing my very own photos.

This is why I have chosen this new section of my blog to fulfill my second goal FEED YOURSELF INSPIRATION, for the 30 Goals Challenge founded by Shelly Terrell.

These photographs are snippets of moments I have lived and beautiful things I have seen which I felt the need to capture. They are inspiring to me because they are a reminder of my creative potential regardless my expertise. I will admit I find them beautiful and feel proud to share them.

As a teacher, I believe this is something we should promote in our students: explore, create, enjoy and value your own potential.


3 thoughts on “How great do you need to be?

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  2. Hi Laila,
    This sounds like an interesting project. You could combine this with ELTpics – I know you’ve already contributed there.
    If you need some ideas for how to use your photos, the ELTpics blog could be useful: We’re always looking for guest posters on there too, if you have an idea you’d love to share.


    • Thanks Sandy 🙂
      Soon I will be uploading more pics on my 8+1
      Photo-talking page.
      I visited the ELTpics blog a few months ago as soon as I discovered it through Steve Muir and I have already bookmarked some amazing ideas hoping to use them in class as soon as I can.
      Guest poster? Me? 🙂 That would be so exciting.
      Thanks for your support.


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